Waalaxy: Our Complete Review [Plus 5 Alternatives]

June 10, 20248 min read


Samuel Rondot

Samuel Rondot

Founder @ useArtemis
Waalaxy: Our Complete Review [Plus 5 Alternatives]

Are you looking for an effective tool to generate leads on LinkedIn and by email? Do you want to automate your prospecting and boost your response rate?

If Waalaxy has caught your attention but you are still hesitating to adopt it, you are in the right place.

waalaxy review

This article offers you a complete review of Waalaxy, the tool designed to maximize your contact and conversion efforts by combining LinkedIn and emailing.
We will discuss why Waalaxy stands out to recruiters and entrepreneurs, detailing its key features, strengths and weaknesses, and how it compares to other options.
By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how relevant Waalaxy is for your needs and how to use it to boost your prospecting and recruiting strategy.

Waalaxy: Why Are Both Recruiters and Entrepreneurs So Excited About It?

Waalaxy is a prospecting tool that combines LinkedIn and email to help you reach out to and convert your prospects in an automated and personalized way. But what makes Waalaxy so popular and appreciated by both recruiters and entrepreneurs?

waalaxy dashboard

Let's explore its key features, ease of use, and effectiveness in networking and recruitment on LinkedIn.

Key Features of Waalaxy

Waalaxy offers multi-channel prospecting allowing you to create campaigns that combine LinkedIn and email. This approach increases your response rate and reduces the risk of anti-spam filtering.

Thanks to an algorithm that simulates human behavior, Waalaxy exceeds the 100 connection requests per week limit imposed by LinkedIn since 2021.

The Email Finder tool also helps you find and enrich the professional emails of your prospects.
You can contact them directly by email, without relying only on LinkedIn.

Additionally, Waalaxy makes it easier to track the performance of your campaigns through an intuitive dashboard, allowing you to measure the impact of your actions and refine your strategy.

Waalaxy also offers a messaging service to manage messages from your different LinkedIn accounts, unfortunately, you still have to pay for a subscription of €20 / month.

Ease of Use and Interface

Waalaxy stands out for its simplicity and efficiency, without requiring advanced technical skills.
Simply add Waalaxy to Google Chrome from the Webstore and log in to your LinkedIn account.

Waalaxy stands out for its simplicity and efficiency without requiring advanced technical skills.

You can customize the tool to your liking or use existing templates.

Waalaxy offers a clear and intuitive user interface, ensuring a pleasant experience without the confusion of complex graphs or tables. This way, you get a visually appealing overview of all your activities and results.

Waalaxy, how much does it cost?

The price of Waalaxy is the downside of our test. Waalaxy offers decent features, but they are quite limited and come at a very high cost.
Indeed, with a subscription at $120/month, Waalaxy is one of the most expensive LinkedIn automation tools on the market.

The "Free" version is not very useful because it does not have cloud features and only allows 80 invitations per month.

In comparison, useArtemis offers for $69 / month up to two connected LinkedIn accounts with no action limits, integrated message management, and AI features to automate your prospecting while maintaining a highly personalized approach.

useartemis pricing page

The efficiency of Waalaxy for networking and recruiting on LinkedIn

Waalaxy is the perfect tool to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn, while respecting the platform's terms of use. It allows you to precisely target your prospects according to your criteria and send connection requests as well as personalized messages.

By automatically managing your LinkedIn notifications, Waalaxy helps maintain quality relationships with your prospects. This allows you to generate qualified leads, grow your professional network, and improve your sales and marketing on LinkedIn.

The verdict of our test on Waalaxy

After exploring Waalaxy for a month, specifically to automate our recruitment and prospecting, we used the platform to interact with prospects on LinkedIn and via email. We applied fine targeting criteria and crafted personalized messages.

Our experience report focuses on the discovered advantages and encountered obstacles.

The impact on our recruitment and prospection activity

Thanks to Waalaxy, we have significantly increased our number of leads and expanded our professional network.
The automation of invitations and messages on LinkedIn has allowed us to reach a larger number of prospects in less time, while staying within the platform's accepted limits.
The email finder tool and email enrichment have made it easier to retrieve prospect contact information to send them personalized emails with tracking.

This has helped improve our response rate and overcome spam filters. Additionally, Waalaxy provides the ability to track the performance of our campaigns through an intuitive dashboard, allowing us to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and refine our strategy.

The Distinct Advantages of Waalaxy

Compared to other prospecting solutions, Waalaxy stands out with several advantages:

  • The multi-channel prospecting, combining LinkedIn and email, maximizes interactions with prospects and conversion opportunities.
  • The advanced personalization of messages, thanks to the use of variables and conditional scenarios, creates more human and authentic communication.
  • The algorithm simulating human behavior, cleverly bypassing the limit of 100 connection requests per week on LinkedIn by varying the sending times.
  • Native integrations with tools such as Zapier, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Lemlist, facilitating data and action synchronization between different platforms.

Limitations encountered

However, Waalaxy also presents some limitations:

  • The high cost, which can be a barrier especially for small businesses and independent workers, with subscriptions starting at $120 per month.
  • A limited scalability, due to daily and weekly activity quotas imposed by LinkedIn, which can hinder the expansion of prospecting.
  • The lack of a cloud-based solution, increasing the risk of detection by LinkedIn and account restriction or suspension, as Waalaxy operates via a Chrome extension using your IP and browser.
  • The absence of an AI feature for writing personalized prospecting messages.
  • Challenges faced in connecting our LinkedIn account.
  • Customer support that can disappoint in terms of responsiveness, despite the presence of an AI-based live chat.

5 alternatives to Waalaxy to diversify your recruitment and prospecting strategy

Waalaxy is not the only tool capable of effectively combining LinkedIn and email. In this article, discover 5 powerful alternatives to Waalaxy, enabling you to contact and convert your prospects on these two essential channels.

Explore these different options to find the one that will best meet your needs and your budget.

1. useArtemis

useArtemis is a LinkedIn automation tool

useArtemis is a LinkedIn automation tool that relies on AI to automatically find prospects based on your ICP, enrich them with emails and phone numbers, and then automatically contact them via LinkedIn, email, and Twitter.

useArtemis uses AI to write highly personalized prospecting messages for each of your prospects. Instead of just using templates like Waalaxy does, useArtemis maximizes your response acceptance rate.

Here are the main features of useArtemis:

  • Linkedin Scraper: Export results from Linkedin, Sales Navigator, and even Apollo with just a few clicks.
  • Email Finder: Automatically find your prospects' emails through the cascading enrichment offered by useArtemis.
  • Unified Inbox: useArtemis allows you to easily manage multiple Linkedin accounts.
  • Cloud Functions: useArtemis operates in the cloud, meaning you don’t need to keep your computer on for the tool to work.
  • AI Personalization: Let AI write highly personalized messages that convert, thanks to useArtemis AI.

And the cherry on top, useArtemis costs 4 times less than Waalaxy.

2. LeadFuze: Focused on Automating Prospecting


LeadFuze stands out for its ability to automate prospecting, helping you save time. Its features include:

  • Advanced search for qualified leads on LinkedIn.
  • Email verification of your prospects from an extensive database.
  • Creation of multi-channel campaigns, combining LinkedIn and email, for personalized messages.
  • Detailed analysis of your campaign results.

LeadFuze is both simple and efficient, despite a high price and variable data quality.

3. Dux-Soup: Another Interesting Chrome Extension

dux soup

Dux-Soup, a Chrome extension, automates your LinkedIn prospecting in an affordable and functional way, allowing you to:

  • Automatically visit LinkedIn profiles of your prospects.
  • Send connection requests and personalized messages.
  • Export your prospect data for easier management.

This solution is accessible, but it carries risks of penalties from LinkedIn, and limits prospecting to LinkedIn only.

4. Zopto: Specialized in Large-Scale LinkedIn Prospecting

Zopto: Specialized in Large-Scale LinkedIn Prospecting

Designed for large-scale LinkedIn prospecting, Zopto offers:

  • Access to a vast database.
  • Customizable multi-step campaigns.
  • Innovative features to strengthen your social selling.
  • Simple integration with your CRM.

Despite its power, Zopto can be costly and complex to master for some users.

5. Meet Alfred: Simplicity and Efficiency

meet alfred

Meet Alfred is a tool designed to effectively automate your LinkedIn prospecting. This solution offers both simplicity and efficiency, with key features to enhance your prospecting strategy on this platform.

With Meet Alfred, you can:

  • Send connection requests and personalized messages to your prospects, using variables and conditional scenarios.
  • Export your prospect data (name, email, company, position) to a CSV file or directly into your CRM.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your efforts with an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Meet Alfred stands out for its ease of use and quick setup, without requiring extensive technical skills.

However, Meet Alfred has some drawbacks:

  • A high risk of sanctions from LinkedIn, since the extension uses your IP address and browser to initiate actions. This can be detected by LinkedIn, leading to the restriction or suspension of your account.
  • A lack of diversity in contact methods, limiting you to LinkedIn without the ability to reach your prospects via email. This reduces your influence and scope of your prospecting strategy.
  • Stability and reliability issues, which can lead to bugs or malfunctions, affecting your user experience and results.


In summary, Waalaxy presents itself as a dynamic prospecting tool, effectively combining LinkedIn and email to boost your ability to engage and convert your prospects. Among its advantages, you will benefit from multi-channel prospecting, advanced personalization, an algorithm that mimics human behavior, and seamless integrations with other tools.

However, it is important to highlight some limitations of Waalaxy, including a potentially prohibitive cost, some difficulty in scaling up, the absence of a cloud-based solution, and customer support that could be more responsive. It is true that Waalaxy is far from being the only tool on the market, and we have explored 5 credible alternatives, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to choose the option that best aligns with your goals and budget constraints. If you feel like trying Waalaxy or one of its alternatives, know that free trial periods or special offers are available via the links below.

Go ahead without hesitation and explore the potential of prospecting on LinkedIn and via email today!


How to use Waalaxy well?

To optimize your use of Waalaxy, we advise you to:

  • Find and import leads on LinkedIn using search filters and the Waalaxy extension.
  • Create and launch multichannel prospecting campaigns by choosing action sequences that fit your goals.

Is Waalaxy free?

Waalaxy is a prospecting platform available in both free and paid versions. The free plan offers up to 80 invitations per month on LinkedIn, along with 25 credits for email searches. The paid plans, however, provide a broader range of features and contacts.

For more details, feel free to visit the Waalaxy website.

How to Download Waalaxy?

Downloading Waalaxy is simple, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official Waalaxy website and click on "Prospect for Free".
  • Create an account using your email address or through your LinkedIn account.
  • Install the Waalaxy extension on Google Chrome, following the on-screen instructions.

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