Lemlist: Our Full Review [Plus 5 Alternatives]

June 19, 20248 min read


Samuel Rondot

Samuel Rondot

Founder @ useArtemis
Lemlist: Our Full Review [Plus 5 Alternatives]

Looking for an email prospecting tool capable of multiplying your appointments and boosting your sales? You have probably already heard of lemlist, a platform for sending personalized and automated emails designed to make it easier to reach inboxes and encourage responses.

But does lemlist live up to its promises? What exactly are its features, benefits, and drawbacks? And above all, are there any alternatives to lemlist that might better fit your specific needs?

But is lemlist up to its promises?

In this article, we present a comprehensive test of lemlist, along with a selection of 5 other noteworthy email prospecting tools. We will evaluate them based on criteria like price, features, integration, customization, and deliverability. This analysis will help you choose the best tool to optimize your prospecting and increase your revenue.

Detailed Presentation of Lemlist

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is an innovative email prospecting tool designed to help you send personalized and automated emails to your prospects. Its unique feature is the ability to create custom images and videos for each recipient, which greatly increases the open and response rates of your emails. Additionally, Lemlist helps to overcome potential deliverability issues, thereby improving the reputation of your email domain with its flagship feature, lemwarm.

Key Features

Here is an overview of the main features offered by Lemlist to boost your email outreach:

  • Access to a database of over 450 million qualified contacts with verified emails, which you can personalize based on different criteria (industry, size, location, etc.) or import using a Chrome extension from LinkedIn.
  • Variety of email templates already written with high open rates, or the ability to let AI, trained on 400 million emails, prepare your first draft.
  • Advanced personalization with automatic addition of elements like LinkedIn profile picture, company logo, product name, etc.
  • Creation of multichannel sequences (email, LinkedIn, phone calls) that adjust based on your prospects' actions.
  • Easy integration with your existing tools, such as your CRM, calendar, payment platform, etc.

Pros and Cons

Like any tool, Lemlist has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at the main pros and cons:

  • Highly personalized emails, making your messages more engaging.
  • High cost compared to other services, especially if you need many credits for email searches.
  • Improved deliverability with lemwarm, enhancing your domain's credibility with Google.
  • Sometimes complex user interface requiring a learning effort.
  • Effective automation allowing significant time savings and prospect tracking across various platforms.
  • Customer support can be slow, which is frustrating when quick assistance is needed.
  • Our Experience with Lemlist

    Setup and Onboarding

    To get started with Lemlist, you need to begin by creating an account on the platform's website.

    The next step is to link your email address to Lemlist, following specific instructions for the email provider used (like Gmail or Outlook).

    lemlist dashboard

    It is also required to install the Lemlist Chrome extension to make it easier to extract contacts from LinkedIn.

    lemlist chrome extension

    Once these actions are completed, you are directed to the Lemlist dashboard, where all features are available to you.

    You can then start your first outreach campaign by using an email template or creating your own message.

    You can also import your contact list from a CSV file or directly from your CRM.

    Personalized Prospecting Campaigns

    Lemlist excels in personalizing email campaigns by offering the ability to use dynamic variables (such as name, first name, and company) to tailor your message for each recipient.

    lemlist campaign

    You can enrich your emails with personalized images or videos, featuring information specific to the prospect, like their logo or profile picture, making your emails more attractive and engaging.

    Lemlist personalized images

    You also have the flexibility to create multi-channel sequences, including email, LinkedIn, and phone calls. These intelligently adapt to the responses from your prospects, such as sending a LinkedIn message if there is no reply to an email.

    Integrations and Automations

    Lemlist integrates smoothly with a wide range of tools already in use (CRM, calendar, payment platform, etc.), allowing efficient synchronization between your contacts, appointments, invoices, and data.

    lemlist integration

    The platform automates tasks such as sending emails and tracking leads, freeing up time for you to focus on the most promising opportunities. Lemlist also offers your team the ability to manage specific tasks, such as email validation and creating personalized images.

    Support and Available Resources

    Lemlist stands out with a responsive customer support, available via email or chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base explaining how Lemlist works and its features. The platform also offers a range of free resources (webinars, podcasts, blog articles, guides) to help and improve your email prospecting.

    lemlist facebook group

    Moreover, the active community of Lemlist is an excellent source for sharing experiences, advice, and feedback on prospecting.

    Analytics and Performance Reports

    Lemlist excels in analyzing and improving the performance of your outreach campaigns. By highlighting key metrics such as open rate, response rate, click rate, and conversion rate, it becomes easy to identify the most effective elements - be it emails, images, videos, or sequences - and make the necessary optimizations.

    Lemlist track open rate

    Moreover, Lemlist offers the ability to generate custom reports, highlighting crucial data for your business, such as the number of prospects, the volume of meetings, or the revenue generated. This allows you to precisely track your performance and easily share this information with your team or clients.

    5 Alternatives to Lemlist

    useArtemis: Automated LinkedIn Prospecting with AI

    Automated LinkedIn Prospecting with AI

    useArtemis is a LinkedIn automation platform that allows you to prospect on a large scale while remaining highly personalized thanks to AI.
    Unlike Lemlist, which mainly relies on templates like "Hello {firstname}", useArtemis analyzes your prospects' LinkedIn profiles and writes personalized messages based on their posts, job, bio, etc.

    useArtemis also allows sending emails and automating your Twitter account.

    Mailchimp: a more general approach to email marketing


    Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that lets you create and send newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, and automated emails to your contacts. With Mailchimp, you also get features like segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, landing pages, forms, surveys, and reports.

    Mailchimp stands out from Lemlist with its more general approach to email marketing, catering to both B2B and B2C businesses, covering both prospecting and customer loyalty. Mailchimp is therefore an excellent alternative to Lemlist if you are looking for a more versatile tool, aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

    Brevo (formerly SendInBlue): An All-in-One Solution for Digital Marketing


    Brevo is an all-in-one solution for digital marketing, allowing you to manage your email, SMS, chat, CRM, advertising, and marketing automation campaigns. Brevo offers features for creating, personalizing, sending, tracking, and optimizing your messages, as well as tools for segmentation, scenarios, forms, landing pages, and reports.

    Brevo stands out from Lemlist with its ability to provide an overview of your marketing actions and to integrate all your communication channels into a single platform. Brevo is a robust option if you want a more comprehensive tool for your digital marketing.

    Woodpecker: Simplicity at the Service of B2B Prospecting


    Woodpecker is a tool specifically designed for B2B email prospecting, allowing you to send personalized and automated emails to your prospects. With Woodpecker, you have access to features for creating, personalizing, sending, following up, and tracking your emails, including email verification tools, deliverability, A/B testing, and reports.

    Woodpecker is getting closer to Lemlist thanks to its focus on B2B prospecting, but stands out with its simple and clean interface, as well as its affordable cost. It is a relevant alternative to Lemlist if you are looking for a simplified and efficient tool for your B2B prospecting. a complete tool to automate your sales is a tool designed to automate your sales, allowing you to send personalized and automated emails to your prospects, engaging them across multiple channels such as phone, social media, or chat. enhances your strategy with tools for prospecting, segmentation, scenarios, forms, landing pages, and reports. is compared to Lemlist thanks to its multichannel sequences offer but stands out due to its rich functionality and integration with many other tools, as well as a recognized customer support. is an ideal alternative to Lemlist if you want a complete and efficient system to automate your sales.

    HubSpot Sales: Sales Automation Integrated with a Powerful CRM


    HubSpot Sales is an advanced sales automation software. It allows you to send personalized and automated emails to your prospects, guiding them effectively throughout the sales cycle. With HubSpot Sales, you benefit from a wide range of features such as creating, personalizing, sending, following up, and tracking your emails. It also offers practical tools like calendars, reminders, notifications, forms, and reports. Distinguishing itself significantly from lemlist due to its perfect integration with a powerful CRM, HubSpot Sales makes it easier to manage your contacts, opportunities, quotes, and invoices. This makes it a remarkable alternative to lemlist for those who wish to unify sales automation with optimized customer management.


    As you have seen, lemlist stands out in the field of email outreach, offering the ability to design personalized and automated emails aimed at reaching your prospects on different channels. A remarkable feature of Lemlist is its innovative functionality allowing you to create customized images and videos for each recipient, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your communications.

    The service doesn't stop there; it is designed to optimize your deliverability, simplify the automation of your prospecting campaigns, and allow you to effectively evaluate your performance.

    However, Lemlist is not the only option on the market to boost your email outreach. There are a variety of other tools such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Woodpecker,, and HubSpot Sales, each with its own strengths, which might be more suitable depending on your budget, industry, strategy, or personal preferences. We encourage you to explore these alternatives to find the one that suits you best.

    And for those interested in discovering lemlist, you have the opportunity to try the service for free for 14 days. Click the button below to take advantage of our special offer!


    Why use Lemlist?

    Lemlist is a prospecting tool designed for creating and automating personalized email campaigns that span multiple channels. It stands out due to several key advantages, including:

    • A massive database of over 450 million B2B contacts, all valid and verified.
    • Multichannel prospecting, including LinkedIn, cold emails, and cold calls.
    • A perfect balance between reaching a wide audience and deep personalization for each prospect.

    How to delete a Lemlist account?

    To delete a Lemlist account, follow these simple steps:

    1. Log in to your Lemlist account and go to the "Account Preferences" section.
    2. Click on "Delete Account" in the "Account Management" category.
    3. Confirm the deletion by entering your password, then click on "Delete".

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