LeadIn, our full review + 6 other options

May 28, 20248 min read


Samuel Rondot

Samuel Rondot

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LeadIn, our full review

LeadIn is your partner in multichannel prospecting, making it easier to generate qualified leads through LinkedIn and email.

With LeadIn, you can create smart and personalized prospecting sequences on LinkedIn and through email, while integrating these valuable leads directly into your CRM system for detailed analysis of your prospecting performance.


But the question remains: Is LeadIn really the tool you need for your prospecting activities? What benefits and obstacles can arise from using it?

Are there alternative solutions more in line with the specifics of your market and the size of your company? In this analysis, we offer you a complete test of LeadIn, along with 6 alternative automatic prospecting solutions to maximize your business opportunities.

Complete Test of LeadIn

Getting Started and Ease of Use

LeadIn is a multi-channel prospecting tool that connects to your LinkedIn account and your email inbox. Creating your account on LeadIn takes just a few minutes through a startup link available on the tool's website.

A 14-day free trial is offered to explore all the features of LeadIn. A credit card is required to start the free trial.

The interface is relatively clear, but it seems that LeadIn is actually just a white-label version of Skylead, another LinkedIn automated prospecting tool.


Key Features of LeadIn

LeadIn / Skylead combines the two most effective prospecting channels: LinkedIn and email. You can create smart sequences of LinkedIn messages and personalized emails that automatically adjust to the behavior of your prospects.

This platform enhances your messages with the ability to add images and gifs, making your messages more engaging. LeadIn makes it easy to search for and import your ideal prospects from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter, or via CSV file, in addition to offering features such as profile visiting and following to optimize contact with your prospects.

LeadIn also allows the integration of your leads directly into your CRM via webhook, or their export in CSV. Analyze your prospecting performance through detailed statistics provided by LeadIn, indicating the number of views, clicks, responses, appointments, and conversions generated by your campaigns.

Leadin supports the use of Proxy to connect your LinkedIn account, just like Skylead.

leadin connecter compte Linkedin

Once our LinkedIn account is connected, we arrive on this page.

leadin connection linkedin

Here it is impossible to know how to start a campaign. We press all the buttons but the dashboard is not clear and not intuitive.

After some investigation, we finally understood that we actually need to click on the LinkedIn account we just connected to access its dashboard.

leadin dashboard

To create a campaign, Leadin offers several ways to import leads.

importing prospects on Leadin

You can import the results of a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search, import prospects via a CSV file, or target an already existing list.

Unlike useArtemis, Leadin does not allow importing prospects from a service like Apollo.

templates prospection Leadin

LeadIn offers a series of pre-made prospecting templates for LinkedIn and Email, which are very handy for getting started.

sequence creator

The sequence creator is quite well-made and user-friendly. This is a strong point compared to tools like Dux Soup or Octopus CRM which are very limited in this aspect.

An interesting and very practical feature of Skylead / LeadIn is the Warmup mode.

warmup mode linkedin

This mode limits the volume of interactions when the account is new, and then gradually increases it.

Customer Support and Accessibility

LeadIn customer support is accessible via chat, email, or phone. FAQs and video tutorials are also available on the tool's website. Accessible from any browser, LeadIn ensures the security of your LinkedIn account and your domain's reputation with a dedicated IP address by region and an automatic warming-up feature.

Respecting the daily action limits set by LinkedIn and email providers, LeadIn allows you to set the time between each action, making your prospecting more human-like and less likely to be detected.

Analysis of LeadIn's Prices and Offers

LeadIn offers a single prospecting package: The Pro offer at €99 / month.

leadin prix

The Pro plan, at €99 per month, increases your capabilities by allowing you to connect two LinkedIn accounts and two email accounts, create up to 20 campaigns, and send up to 2000 messages per month. The Enterprise plan, at €199 per month, is the most extensive, allowing you to connect four LinkedIn accounts and four email accounts, create up to 40 campaigns, and send up to 4000 messages per month.

All offers include access to LeadIn's key features, customer support, CRM integration, and a 14-day free trial.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

LeadIn enjoys an excellent reputation among its users, praised for its ease of use, outstanding performance, and good value for money. On Trustpilot, LeadIn shines with an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5, based on 87 reviews. Discover below the testimonials of customers who had a satisfying experience with LeadIn:

"LeadIn is a remarkably effective tool, having helped generate more than 300 qualified leads in just a few weeks. The LeadIn team stands out for its great responsiveness and attentive listening.

I highly recommend LeadIn for your B2B prospecting." Julien, Marketing Manager at Webikeo
"Using LeadIn is astonishingly simple, yet incredibly effective. We saw a 15% increase in our conversion rate thanks to LeadIn. The customer service is exceptional, always available and responsive.

Without a doubt, LeadIn is the best prospecting tool I've ever used." Marie, Founder of Mymoov
"LeadIn has proven to be an indispensable tool for our prospecting. It allowed us to set up personalized and automated campaigns on LinkedIn and via email, with results that exceeded our expectations. Thanks to LeadIn, we have saved not only time but also money." Thomas, Co-Founder of Wavy

The 6 Best Alternatives to LeadIn



useArtemis is a LinkedIn automation tool that, unlike its competitors, uses AI to further personalize your approach and thus maximize your response and acceptance rates.

useArtemis also provides access to's database and has a Chrome extension that allows scraping search results from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

useArtemis has the advantage of being extremely simple and intuitive to use. Thanks to the AI assistant, you can find prospects and create your prospecting sequence in just a few seconds.

#2 Dripify


Dripify is a powerful tool for automated prospecting, perfect for setting up personalized and engaging prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn and via email. Import your prospects from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or by CSV file.

Dripify excels in creating LinkedIn message sequences and personalized emails, allowing seamless synchronization with your CRM and access to detailed analytics of your prospecting campaigns.

Compared to LeadIn, Dripify shows:

  • Increased simplicity, speed, and affordability, offering the same essential features but with less complexity and lower cost.
  • A unique customization advantage with customizable images and gifs, for messages that truly stand out.
  • Quick customer support available 24/7 via chat, email, or phone, ensuring constant assistance in your quest for successful prospecting.

#3 homepage is a platform that revolutionizes your sales strategy by allowing you to access over 200 million contacts and 10 million companies. With, create multichannel prospecting sequences and analyze your sales performance through detailed reports.

Comparing features and pricing between and LeadIn:

Database200M+ contacts, 10M+ companiesLinkedIn, Email
Prospecting ChannelsLinkedIn, email, call, SMS, video, social mediaLinkedIn, email
CRM IntegrationVaried (includes Salesforce, HubSpot)Limited
Data AnalysisIn-depth, with AIBasic
PricingFrom $49 to $499 per monthFrom €49 to €199 per month

However, Apollo does not allow you to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn but only via email.

#4 Adapt

Adapt is a powerful lead capture tool that gives you access to millions of contact and company information. This platform allows you to search and extract contacts from various sources, and enrich them before exporting to your CRM.

The advantages of choosing Adapt:

  • A range of sources for relevant contacts.
  • High data quality, with real-time email address verification.
  • Competitive pricing, starting at $29 per month for 1000 contact credits.

#5 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a platform designed for B2B marketing, allowing you to create personalized and tracked experiences for your prospects and clients. It helps you precisely target your key accounts, design engagement journeys, and collaborate closely with your sales teams.

The reasons to prefer this platform:

  • An advanced scoring system to focus your efforts on the most promising accounts.
  • The ability to fully customize the experience of your prospects and customers.
  • Analysis tools to optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns.

#6 Podium

Podium is an integrated communication and reputation management platform, designed to boost your leads and retain your customers. With Podium, engage in conversations with your prospects and customers via SMS, calls, instant messages, and share online reviews. That's not all, Podium also makes it easy to collect and manage customer reviews, integrate them into your CRM, and promote your reputation and online visibility.

Exploring the benefits of Podium reveals:

  • The ability to communicate through your customers' and prospects' preferred channels to improve response rates and customer satisfaction.
  • The tool helps you gather and manage customer reviews, a key to enhancing your service, building trust, and attracting more prospects.
  • Centralized management of all your customer interactions on a single platform increases your efficiency and saves valuable time.


In this article, you explored LeadIn, a multichannel prospecting tool that offers the ability to generate qualified leads via LinkedIn and email. You learned about the advantages and disadvantages of LeadIn, as well as 6 relevant alternatives to optimize your prospecting. Each of these tools stands out with its features, functions, prices, and customer feedback.

The decision is yours to choose the tool that best aligns with your specific needs, your budget, and your prospecting strategy.

To try out LeadIn or one of its alternatives, take advantage of the 7-day trial offer. Don't miss this opportunity and take steps now to boost your prospecting with the tool that suits you best! Make your choice easier by checking our comparison, and especially by verifying the integration with innovative systems like meet alfred or expandi which can increase the reach of your marketing campaigns or engage new segments through useArtemis, an advanced analysis tool to better understand your prospects.


How to get leads for free?

To get leads without spending money, here are some effective strategies:

  • Create free tools that offer real added value to your prospects. They can be calculators, generators, or quizzes, accessible only after sharing their contact information.
  • Organize events, whether online or in person, such as webinars, workshops, or conferences. These events should captivate your audience and encourage registration to attend.

How to use LinkedIn to generate leads?

To turn LinkedIn into a powerful lead generation machine, consider these approaches:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract your target audience. Update your photo, professional title, biography, experiences, and carefully select your content. This will clearly show your expertise and added value.
  • Create original content on LinkedIn to share your skills, perspectives, and recommendations. Use various formats, including articles, videos, stories, and even polls to keep engagement high.
  • Actively engage with comments and messages from your prospects to strengthen the connection and interest in your offer.

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