How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost and how to take the most out of it ? [2024]

January 23, 20245 min read
Samuel Rondot

Samuel Rondot

Founder @ useArtemis
LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost

While LinkedIn has become a pivotal platform for prospecting or expanding one's network, LinkedIn Sales Navigator remains a hidden gem, still unknown to many users. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the Sales Navigator price and guide you on how to derive the most benefit from it to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Explained

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn's paid version that enables you to find leads with far more filters than the standard version.

In addition, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to discover relationships outside your network.

Remember, LinkedIn's standard version only lets you view first, second, and third-degree connections.

However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to find extremely targeted leads with whom you have no common connections.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters

These are the types of filters you have access to with Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator Price Breakdown

In this article, we will analyze the different packages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

There are three different packages:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Price

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is the first offer from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and is the one that 95% of you will use.

To date, it's the most cost-effective and cheapest offer proposed by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Price

Sales Navigator Core is priced at €82.64 per month or €951.95 per year. The annual plan offers a €40 discount, which may not justify switching to the annual subscription for most users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core provides the following features:

  • Advanced search for prospects and companies
  • Alerts for your prospects and registered accounts
  • Creation of personalized lists

The 'Advanced search for prospects and companies' is the most exciting feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and it is included in the Core offer.

Many users purchase the Advanced Plus offer thinking they are getting a better deal, but the truth is that for most users, the Core offer is sufficient.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is the ideal offer for those looking to get into marketing or sales and expand their network.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Price

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced, formerly known as "Team," is the second offer from LinkedIn. The Advanced offer is priced at €161.99 per month and €1,511.86 per year.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Price

The annual offer, therefore, proposes a €432 discount, more attractive than the reduction offered by the annual offer of Sales Navigator Core, which was only €40.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced offers a few additional features compared to Core, namely:

  • All the Core features
  • Content sharing and tracking engagement
  • Connecting through colleagues

Content sharing and tracking engagement is an interesting tool as it allows you to track the openings of a LinkedIn link and to know the LinkedIn profile of each person who clicked on the link.

This feature is highly appreciated by salespeople who do prospecting by email because it allows them to know who clicked on their link and thus contact them via LinkedIn later on.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Price

This is the most expensive offer from LinkedIn, and the American company does not communicate an official price. You need to go through a demo with the LinkedIn teams to get access.

However, it appears that the most common rate revolves around $1600 per seat, according to what can be read on the web.

Here is a summary of Linkedin Sales Navigator Advanced Plus features:

  • All Advanced features
  • CRM updates with data validation
  • CRM contact integration
  • Advanced Enterprise integrations

Comparison of the Three LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prices

The number of features offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator is vast. Here's a recap table to help you see more clearly.

Comparison of the Three LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prices

Get the Most Out of Sales Navigator with useArtemis

Now that you have chosen your Sales Navigator offer, you probably want to know how to make the most of the platform.

LinkedIn imposes a number of limits, such as the inability to export your leads and see their email. If you want to do prospecting, you will also be quickly limited since Sales Navigator limits the number of InMails to 50 per month.

How to extract and enrich my LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads?

1/First, create an account on

2/Once done, install the Chrome extension. To do this, click "Add to Chrome" to add the useArtemis extension to your browser.

3/ Then go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and perform your desired search. In my case, I will search for CEOs in Lyon.

4/ Once my search is refined enough, I launch the Chrome extension just installed. useArtemis will then offer me to export the results of my search. Click 'Import results from pages 1 to x."

5/ Return to to follow the progress of your export.

6/ Go to the "Prospects" tab. This is where you will find your export. Here you can see that it is in progress. A notification at the bottom of the screen informs us of its progress.

7/ Once the export is finished, all you have to do is open your prospect list to find all the prospects of your search with their emails.

Congratulations! You have just extracted and enriched a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. You now have access to your prospects' email addresses. You can export your list in CSV format.

If you want to go further, here's how to contact your prospects via email and LinkedIn automatically with ChatGPT. This guide is designed to give you a clear understanding of the Sales Navigator price and how to maximize its potential.

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