How much does LinkedIn Premium costs in 2024 and which offer is for you?

May 16, 20249 min read

LinkedIn Premium

Samuel Rondot

Samuel Rondot

Founder @ useArtemis
How much does LinkedIn Premium costs

When you're starting on LinkedIn, the array of premium offers available can be a bit daunting.

Therefore, we've put together an article for you to understand the various options at your disposal, and also to analyze the different LinkedIn Premium pricing options.

Update May 2024 : Linkedin Premium now has a new major advantage, which is the unlimited number of invites with notes you can send each month.
Previously, free accounts were allowed to send an "unlimited" number of invites with notes. This feature is now only on premium plans. It's a really great point to move on to a Linkedin premium subscription.
As mentioned in our article about the
new linkedin limits and how to bypass them, free accounts can now only send 10 invites with notes per month.

What is the price of LinkedIn Premium?

First off, understand that there isn't just one offer named "LinkedIn Premium," but in reality, there are several different offers.

  • Premium Career Premium
  • Business Sales Navigator
  • Recruiter Lite
  • LinkedIn Learning

Here's a brief overview of the features provided by each LinkedIn Premium pricing tier:

FeaturesPremium CareerPremium BusinessSales Navigator CoreRecruiter LiteLinkedIn Learning
Private Browsing-
Candidate Info-
Private Messages-
Who Viewed Your Profile?--
Availability of statistics for "Who Viewed Your Profile?" (in days)903659090-
Unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning
Unlimited profile views--
Business Info--
Advanced search---
Access to Sales Navigator platform----
Custom lead and account lists----
Lead recommendations and saved leads----
Real-time news and alerts----
Designed for recruitment----
Automatic candidate tracking----
Integrated recruitment----
Intelligent suggestions----
InMail credits5155030-

In this article, we will not be discussing LinkedIn Learning because, even though it is a premium feature of LinkedIn, it's not our primary interest here.

What are the different LinkedIn Premium prices?

The prices differ from one offer to another, but here's a summary of the different prices proposed by the Microsoft firm:

  • LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99/month
  • LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99/month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core: $99.99/month
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: $180/month

We will now analyze each of the offers to help you find the LinkedIn offer that best suits your needs.

LinkedIn Premium Career at $29.99/month

LinkedIn Premium Career costs $29.99/month and is LinkedIn's basic offer.

If you opt for the annual payment, you can save around sixty dollars.

Here are the main advantages offered by LinkedIn Premium Career:

  • Private Browsing: With Premium Career, you can view without being viewed. Indeed, on LinkedIn, when you visit a user's profile, they receive a notification that you visited their profile.

Not ideal when you want to stay discreet, right?

By default, LinkedIn offers to hide your browsing even without a premium subscription, however, when you choose this solution, you will not be able to see who visited your profile. It's a lose-lose system!

This problem is solved with LinkedIn Premium Career; now you can visit profiles in private browsing without being seen.

  • Candidate Info: If you wish to recruit on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Premium Career subscription gives you access to more detailed information about candidate profiles. A very useful feature for HR.
  • Private Messages: If you want to prospect on LinkedIn, you might be interested in InMails (and you'd be wrong). InMails are rarely interesting because they are very limited. We recommend you to take a look at our multichannel prospecting tool instead!
  • Who viewed your profile?: This feature is probably the one that pushed the majority of premium users to switch to a paid subscription. And for good reason! What is more frustrating than seeing someone is interested in you without being able to know who it is?

LinkedIn Premium Career puts an end to this endless frustration by giving you access to the people who visited your profile over the past 90 days.

With a beautiful curve that displays the number of daily visits on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Premium Business at $59.99/month

LinkedIn Premium Business costs $59.99/month and is LinkedIn's base offer.

If you opt for the annual payment, you can save around twenty dollars.

In summary: LinkedIn Premium Business is like LinkedIn Premium Career, but better. It has most of the existing features in Career, namely:

  • Private browsing
  • Detailed candidate information
  • InMail credits

But that's not all! LinkedIn Premium Business brings some new features, namely:

  • Who viewed your profile?: Unlike the LinkedIn Premium Career price, this offer allows you to see who visited your profile over the past 365 days, unlike the lower offer, which only showed the past 90 days.
  • Unlimited profile views: You may have noticed, but the standard version of LinkedIn limits the number of profiles you can visit outside of your network. Thanks to Premium Business, you can visit an unlimited number of profiles outside your network, which is ideal for prospecting and generating leads.
  • Business Info: If your prospecting strategy includes targeting specific companies like companies with fewer than 10 employees, growing companies, etc., then this feature is simply indispensable!

In summary: LinkedIn Premium Business is an ideal offer for individuals who want to develop their network and prospect on LinkedIn without restrictions.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core at $99.99/month

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we step directly into another dimension. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a standalone platform from LinkedIn that allows you to search for leads with many additional filters.

This is THE reference platform when it comes to targeted lead generation, and it's what 90% of Sales teams use.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three different packages:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core at $99.99 per month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced at $161.99 per month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus upon request (about $1600 per seat)

If you want to know more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we wrote a complete article: LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Price + Method to get the most out of it

But to summarize what we said in that article, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core is the offer that 99% of users choose.

  • Sales Navigator allows you to:
  • Perform an unlimited number of searches.
  • View up to 2500 results per search instead of just 1000 with LinkedIn Premium.
  • Benefit from advanced search filters.
  • Receive alerts when your leads change positions.

It is generally not necessary to go further unless you want to track the engagement of your links and benefit from networking by colleagues.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite at $180/month

LinkedIn Recruiter, as its name suggests, is the platform made for recruiters and HR professionals.

The price of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is $180/month. If you take the annual subscription, you can benefit from a discount of almost 400€.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite features With about twenty search filters, LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to find the ideal candidate.

Here's a summary of the different features offered by LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • Private Browsing: Like all premium offers, LinkedIn Recruiter offers you the possibility of visiting profiles in incognito mode through private browsing.
  • Candidate Info: LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to detailed and supplied data on the candidates you want to analyze.
  • InMails: LinkedIn Recruiter offers 30 InMail credits per month. As we discussed earlier, InMails are only rarely relevant.
  • Automatic candidate tracking: This feature allows you to follow candidates throughout the recruitment process, facilitating application management.
  • Integrated recruitment: You can post job offers directly on LinkedIn and manage the applications received through the platform.
  • Smart suggestions: Thanks to its algorithm, LinkedIn is able to offer you relevant profiles that you might have missed.

Which LinkedIn Premium offer should you choose?

Now that you know in detail the different offers proposed by LinkedIn, a crucial question arises: Which LinkedIn Premium subscription should I choose?

For my part, I would differentiate between three types of users:

  1. The curious ones who simply want to know who is viewing their LinkedIn profile
  2. Recruiters
  3. Sales professionals

For the curious ones, LinkedIn Premium Career will be more than sufficient.

For recruiters, only the LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offer makes sense.

And for sales professionals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the only offer to consider.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most effective tool for creating a list of highly qualified leads in just a few clicks. Unlike other subscriptions which are only small improvements on the standard LinkedIn, Sales Navigator brings a real added value to the user that is well worth the few euros invested.

But wait a bit longer, we are now going to show you how to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with useArtemis!

[SECRET] How to multiply the power of Sales Navigator by x10 with useArtemis 🔥

For the most studious readers who will have read this article to the end, here is an extremely powerful hack to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If you are already a customer of the platform, you have probably noticed that even though it is wonderful, it does have some limitations.

Here are a few:

  1. It's impossible to export your leads outside of the platform.
  2. You're limited by the number of InMail you can send each month.
  3. LinkedIn does not share your leads' contact information.

But fortunately, there is a solution !

To start, I'm going to show you how to export your leads with useArtemis.

Step 1: Sign up for free on

Step 2: Install the Chrome extension.

This extension is what will allow us to extract the Sales Navigator search results.

Just click on "Add to Chrome". It can't get simpler!

Step 3: Perform a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For my part, I will search for Sales in Lyon, France. Once the filters have been filled in, I click on the useArtemis Chrome extension and give a name to the Sales Navigator list I want to scrape.

Then I simply click on "Import Results from X to X".

Step 4: Back to

We are back on our dashboard where we can monitor the progress of our export.

A pop-up will appear at the bottom left of the screen to indicate the progress.

Once the export is complete, all I have to do is click on my list and VOILA!

All my leads are there, freshly scraped and ordered.

To go further, you can click on "Start Enrichment" to automatically find the emails of these leads and sometimes even the phone numbers.

So we have just solved the first two problems, namely:

  1. Impossible to export the leads
  2. Impossible to obtain their contact information

Now let's see how to solve the InMail problem.

How to automatically contact Sales Navigator leads?

InMails are useless. No need to beat around the bush. If you want to prospect, you need a scalable solution, 15 InMails per month won't get you anywhere.

So, we created a solution to automatically contact your lead lists from useArtemis.

It's in the Campaigns tab.

Just create a new prospecting campaign and create your sequence.

useartemis linkedin prospecting tool

Here's an example of a 3-step campaign. I started by selecting the list I want to target, in this case, the one we just scraped from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Then I added the following steps:

  • "LinkedIn visit" which will visit the LinkedIn profiles of each of the leads on my list.
  • Then I added a "Delay" of 1 day.
  • Then I send a LinkedIn invitation.

Customizing LinkedIn invitations with ChatGPT 🍒

And the cherry on top: The invitation messages are 100% personalized with ChatGPT. Many softwares offer to write generic templates with variables {firstname}, {lastname}.

useArtemis will retrieve the content of each target LinkedIn profile, make a summary and automatically ask ChatGPT to write a personalized approach for this profile, while taking into account the context you have given it.

Of all the prospecting methods I've been able to test, this one is by far the best. The acceptance and response rate is around 70%.

I would be delighted to know your results so don't hesitate to share them with us on the facebook group or by email.

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