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10x LinkedIn Outbound with AI-personalized hooks & replies

Stop sending "Hello {firstName}". Get 10x more replies with AI-crafted hooks and messages that are personalized to each prospect.

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Writing personalized messages is a job for AI, not humans

Scaling prospection is easy. But it should never be at the cost of personalization.
With useArtemis, you can scale your outreach while keeping it personal with our AI trained on hooks that work.

Send messages personalized to the recipient, making sure you get the best response rate possible.



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Let the AI handle every steps of the outreach process

From writing personalized messages, to following up, to booking meetings, to closing deals, let the AI handle every steps of the outreach process.
So you only have to close the deal.

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Work on your own, in a sales team, or on behalf of clients to create easily scalable LinkedIn outreach campaigns that deliver consistent results. Let useArtemis do the legwork, while you focus on converting your leads to sales.

Find leads from , and in seconds.

Use our built-in scrapers to automatically import leads from Linkedin or Sales Navigator in seconds.

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Cloud functions

Alternatively you can :

Import CSV

Import from API

AI-powered Waterfall Enrichment

Most scraper tools can only find the emails of about 30% of your prospects because they rely on a basic algorithm.

useArtemis uses a waterfall enrichment method, which combines the use of 15+ premium vendors.

This way, you will get emails of up to 80% of your prospects allowing you to reach more of them and generate greater interest.

"Our customer meeting count skyrocketed from none to 59. By the second month, we soared to 125 meetings. Remarkably, these meetings were not just with any contacts, but with CIOs, CSOs, and VPs from major enterprise organizations."




Jordan Ellis

NexGen Innovations, Chief Strategy Officer


Automatically reach out via Linkedin + Email

Create your dream sequence that send LinkedIn connection invitations, automatically view, follow and endorse profiles, and send InMails and messages. All automated, personalized and with custom time delays.

Unified inbox for all accounts

Manage multiple LinkedIn inboxes simultaneously, in one place. Add tags, filters, reminders, reply with AI and have all your conversations in one simple inbox.

Manage all your accounts in one place

Reply with AI

Add filters, tags and reminders

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10x LinkedIn Outbound with AI-Personalized Hooks & Replies

Extract and contact leads automatically on Linkedin and Emails with useArtemis.